Katic Restaurant found its home directly in the heart of Petrovac, in the middle of the sea-front. This sea-front is the draw card of Petrovac, it is a promenade that spreads from one end of the town to the other, along the towns beach and facing the beautiful islands of Katic and Sveta Nedelja.

There isn’t one person that hasnt drawn his attention to the big glass aquarium with live lobsters and mussels and the ice glass case with fresh caught fish.

The owner of the restaurant knows exactly what is needed for the guests, and the fishermen know whom to offer the fish – gilthead, seabass, gofa, sabrefish and tuna…and all that is captured into the fishermen net and caught on the fish hook.

Please take a look at our gastronomical choice

While sitting in the restaurant you can sometimes see the fishermen bring in the fresh fish and the seafood. Once you try the fresh specialities prepared on grill, or in salt or the traditional fish-soup you will understand the meaning of true quality of food.

Here is how we appeared…

The owner is a local who was raised in a fisherman family. From his family he took all the very best – he has taste for good food, knows how to cherish fishing, likes spending time with his friends sharing a glass or two and has a bohemian taste for all around. He put all these values and qualities into his restaurant when he opened it in 2011, trying to show the guests all that he lives with.

A famous painter Savo Mijac Brile presented him the name of the restaurant painted on a piece of wood.