Pleasant atmosphere with Mediterranean taste

The Katic restaurant is located in a stone house which is very typical for the Mediterranean, there is a big terrace in front of the house. You will quickly feel relaxed in the charming atmosphere of the restaurant. You will notice all the small details of the restaurants interior – in our garden terrace there are 7 thin trees which provide some comfortable shade, and their fine green leaves give the eyes and soul the needed rest.


There are also flowers and lanterns that along with the mild music create the right “Adriatic mood”. When the mornings and evenings are cool the waiters (sometimes even the owner) will provide you with a warm blanket.

The restaurants’ kitchen works from February to November, and all year round the guests can enjoy their morning cup of coffee here. The locals will discuss all the vital themes, and the tourists will peacefully look at the islands, enjoy the scent of the sea, the sound of the leaves and the birds twitter.

Here is how we appeared…

The owner is a local who was raised in a fisherman family. From his family he took all the very best – he has taste for good food, knows how to cherish fishing, likes spending time with his friends sharing a glass or two and has a bohemian taste for all around. He put all these values and qualities into his restaurant when he opened it in 2011, trying to show the guests all that he lives with.

A famous painter Savo Mijac Brile presented him the name of the restaurant painted on a piece of wood.