Our restaurant for your special occasions

The Katic restaurant is the right place to hold some important event for you.


That could be a romantic dinner for two, a business meeting that regards high professionalizm as well as a relaxed atmosphere, or some sort of family celebration – wedding venue, childrens birthdays, full age parties – no matter what the occasion is our conditions and high class service will fulfill your wishes.

in Petrovac

The Adriatic coast is a place where people love to celebrate. People get together to drink wine, eat good food as there are a lot of reasons that can be found for celebration!

There are two main events held in Petrovac during the summer season. In the end of June it is the Pasticada Fest and than in the end of August it is the Petrovac’s night.

Pasticada fest is a festival contributed to the national dish of the Pastrovic dynasty. On the day this special dish is cooked in big pans on several spots in the town and served to all the guests of Petrovac. Sometimes you have to wait in a line to taste it, but believe us it is worth the waiting, and you won’t even notice how fast the time will pass by. Both the celebrations include evening concerts, with popular musicians invited. Each year the festivals finish with a very beautiful firework.

Please make a reservation for your table on time!